Rygel is the brightest star in the constellation of Orion.

A blue supergiant with thirty-five times the size of the Sun and about eighty-five thousand times brighter than it, being the seventh brightest star in the sky.

The Rygel star baptized in 2000 the heavy metal band native to Santos that, with influences ranging from hard rock to death metal, brings to the public a modern thrash/power metal made to unite the very young to the pure traditional Heavy Metal fans in the same mosh pit.

The third and newest studio album by Rygel, entitled REVOLUTION, brings a new look to the compositions of the band.

The concept of REVOLUTION is inspired by humanity and contemporary issues such as personal conflicts, stages of life, faith and extreme moments of transcendence. A real distress of humanity, where each one of us needs to review its concepts and move on reinventing and relearning how to live.

The visual part of the album is the significant evolution of Rygel, exploring the elements that illustrate each subject in the songs. Its beautiful graphic was created by designer and guitarist Vinnie Savastanno and has several references to the current mood of the band.

Pre-production was in charge of guitarist and vocalist Wanderson Barreto, recordings were made by the producer Thiago Hóspede on Lamparina Studios and vocal production is signed by Nando Fernandes.

One of the great triumphs of REVOLUTION album is the musical evolution of Rygel. The album features a cohesive band, very strong, with a modern and heavy sound combined with melodic passages, technical riffs and catchy choruses meant to be sung loudly in Rygel's shows.

REVOLUTION released in May 2015 in Brazil